[Can germinated potatoes be cooked?]_Impact_Danger

[Can germinated potatoes be cooked?]_Impact_Danger

After sprouting potatoes, a kind of solanine is produced. This solanine is very harmful to our body, so if the germinated potatoes do not want to be thrown away, be sure to cut off the green part because the placeIt is the place where the solanine is most abundant, and in the winter and spring, it is the time when potatoes are most likely to have rice dumplings. When buying potatoes, try to buy as little as possible, so can the germinated potatoes be cooked when they are cooked?

When potatoes sprout, a toxin called solanine (also known as solanine) is produced.

Good quality potatoes contain only 10 mg of solanine per 100 grams, and solanine, germinated and rotten potatoes can increase solanine 50 times or more.

Eating a very small amount of Solanine is not necessarily harmful to the human body, but it can happen after 15 minutes to 3 hours after eating 200 millimeters Solanine (about half or two have become green and germinated potatoes).

The initial symptoms are headache in the mouth and throat, pain in the upper abdomen, and symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. If the symptoms are mild, after 1?
2 hours will heal itself through its own detoxification function. If you eat 300?
400mg or more Solanine, the symptoms can be severe, manifested by increased body temperature and repeated vomiting resulting in dehydration, and dilated pupils, fear of light, tinnitus, smoking, difficulty breathing, decreased blood pressure, very few people mayDied of respiratory paralysis.

Therefore, patients with severe symptoms should be sent to hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

It is necessary to recognize the prevention of potato solanin poisoning.

Do not eat unripe green potatoes.

For potatoes that have slightly germinated, the green parts and rotten parts should be completely removed.

If the area where the potato is green is tight and there are many germinated parts, you should discard the potato.

Peeled potatoes are cut into small pieces and immersed in cold water for more than half an hour to dissolve the remaining solanine in water.

The use of solanine has the characteristics of weak alkalinity. When roasting potatoes, an appropriate amount of rice vinegar is added, and the acidic effect of vinegar is used to decompose solanine, which can have a detoxifying effect.

Cooking potatoes should be crispy and thoroughly cooked, using continuous high temperature to partially decompose the effect of solanine.

If you feel a tingling sensation in your mouth when you eat a potato, it means that the potato also contains rich solanine, and you should stop eating it immediately to prevent poisoning.

If pregnant women eat too much solanine, it may distort the obesity. My family in the countryside eats a lot of this potatoes, and it is nothing.

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